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My Projects

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Higher Education Work

My Experiences with Mental Health at Michigan Technological University, 2021

HU 3693

MTU Center for Student Mental Health and Well-being: Risk Communication Strategies and Recommendations, 2021

HU 4625

Educating Instructors, Advisors, and Other Members of Campus on Mental Health, 2022

HU 3694

University of Minnesota Website Heuristic Evaluation for Accessibility, 2021

HU 4628

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Advocacy Writing

Gentrification and the Evaporation of Culture, 2020

HU 3261

Criminal Justice Technology: PredPol, 2020

HU 3120

Gendered Language, 2020

HU 3605

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Improving the Approach to Postpartum Psychosis, 2019



Feminist Therapy: Intake Summary of Client, 2021

PSY 3100

War Trauma and Violence: Grave of the Fireflies, 2022

PSY 4031

Projects: List
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